Editor’s Choice Budget Smartphones Highlight

With flagships becoming more expensive, more people are looking towards mid-ranged devices as their next mobile phone. Phones such as the Xiaomi A1 or the Moto G5S have stood out amongst reviewers as some of the best phones of 2017. Here is a quick breakdown on some of the best features in our Editor’s Choice list of budget mobile phones.

  1. Moto G5S – Design and Battery

The Moto G5S is not just a spec-bump of the highly acclaimed Moto G5. The G5S receives an all new metal design; a far more premium feeling when compared to the previous generation. With a chamfered edge and a hefty weight in hand, the G5S is leaps and bounds in terms of design when compared with other phones in its price range.

In addition to the new design, it seems that Lenovo further improved the efficiency of the software on the Moto G5S. With a 3,000 mAh battery, the G5S is touted to have enough power to last you a day.

If you want a phone with a premium design and an all-day battery life, the Moto G5S is definitely the phone for you.

Motorola Moto G5s


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Editor’s Pick on Christmas Gift

With the Holidays around the corner, it’s time to figure what gifts to get for loved ones. With 2017 being the rise of amazing looking phones and giant leaps in tech, why not get them something geeky? Here are our top 9 picks for the best gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the most stunning phone to come out of 2017, the Galaxy S8 is arguably one of the most well-designed phones of 2017. With an amazing camera and the gorgeous Infinity Display, the S8 is an amazing phone for what you’re paying for. Coupled with the all new Samsung Experience, the phone is still buttery smooth even with the latest Android Oreo beta.

The camera is also no slouch, and with the portrait mode coming in Android Oreo, the S8 definitely stands up to some of its newer competitors with newer cameras!

Price: From $809




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Editor’s Pick for action cameras: Nikon Keymission 170

Editor’s Pick for action cameras: Nikon Keymission 170


The KeyMission 170 is a super-compact camera at dimension 66.4 x 46.8 x 42.7mm (W x H x D) and comes with a range of mounts to secure it to flat or curved surfaces, even mounts to your helmets successfully. There is also a remote control, so you can trip the camera if it is mounted on the outside of your vehicle while you are driving off-road.


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